Times from Times Fall



“I doubt if there’s another band that produce such complex and engaging fiddle music, along with equally complex and engaging song. Life-long friendship; the rich historical, literary, and musical heritage of the Orkney Islands for inspiration; and a quartet of gifted, imaginative musicians. Fara have all the ingredients for a perfect album, and Times from Times Fall is the proof.” -Folk Radio

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1. The Port Polka // Rognvald Ritch The Little // The Shore
2. Speir Thoo The Wast Wind
3. At The Ebb
4. 7, 8, Nein // I’ll Do It Last Friday
5. Song (Love Gathers All)
6. Miss Rosa Sermanni Holmes // Vintage Pals // Upside Down Under
7. Frances’ Day
8. See It All
9. The Depliction // My Favourite Cow // Farewell To The Prid
10. Simple Dirt // The Fighter
11. The Road Home
12. Maxwell’s Light